The Creator.

A writer, an artist, a lover, a human.

My name is Raveen Alexis Johnson. At 24 years old, I am learning daily that my purpose is to touch the world through my craft. Houston, Texas is where I was raised, and it is also where I found my vision. I have never lived anywhere else, but thoughts of relocating have often crossed my mind. I will only do so, though, when I feel like my work in my hometown is done.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications: Print Journalism from Sam Houston State University. I also minored in Sociology. It was at SHSU that I realized that writing was my calling, but not just any writing. My passions are lifestyle and arts—two things that the world does not place enough significance in. Luckily, though, I am here to change that.

I am open to your requests, words, and business inquiries. If you are an up and coming artist, clothing designer, model, chef, whatever, and you have an event or a project that you want the world to know about, let me cover it for you. I guarantee you that it will not fall on deaf ears or blind eyes. And if you need anything written for your websites, companies, etc. I am open to assisting in those areas as well.

Find me here:

IG: @raveenalexis | FB: Rae Alexis | E:


30 thoughts on “The Creator.

  1. I will need you one day…thinking about putting together a PowerPoint profile…an introduction to me…I will keep you posted on my decision. Keep on keeping on…God is moving you to a higher level.

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